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Practical Test

On test day please ensure you bring your theory details and both parts of your provisional licence as failure to attend with these documents at least 10 minutes before test  could mean no practical test and loss of test fee £62.00.

Practical test has various requirements and most important of all is your health. It is a legal requirement for you to read a number plate at least 67 feet about 6 to 7 car lengths.  If you have any doubt please remember to visit optician.


Next part of practical test is to ensure you are familar with a set of basic car maintenance and safety issues that you should check as a responsible car and road user when you totally independent and  planning to use a your car.


Once you have successful completed eye sight and show/tell questions you will be explained about the test and how long it will be approximately  and you are allowed to repeat or ask examiner the directions of route.  It is then up to you to ensure you maintain safe standards of driving that you practiced with your instructor and when your return to the test center the examiner will ask you to switch off engine and then will provide a brief summary of the test and inform if you have passed or failed. 

Examiners decision is final and you can only appeal on the conduct of the test.  If you pass you are issued with pass certificate and both parts of your licence are retained and your  full UK licence will be sent to your home address.

If you fail you will be given a brief summary of areas of weakness and list of each section where you can refer to find out on exactly what the exmainer felt you could improve on your next attempt and what areas your instructor will need to help you gain more practice.  It is important to note that the examiner is looking for DVSA standard of driving and if anything is not maintained within 39 to 49 minutes of the test and only 1 incompetence shows you will still fail if it is serious or dangerous error as when driving independently we dont get a second chance and its your life and actions that will make difference to how safe you drive. 

Once you pass you are safe enough to drive and satistically the most likely driver to be involved in an incident as your experience will now need to develop and you will have to keep using your skills as a driver to ensure you stay safe and will be driving in areas where you are not tested such as motorways, country roads dealing with new hazards level crossings and your driving will keep building experience you can take further course to help you improve your driving such as Pass Plus and further courses offered by DVSA.

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Important note

At time of updating this page the practical test can change with new regulations to improve road safety future of the test is changed so to ensure you are up to date visit  website to understand the correct and current requirements.

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