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Terms And Conditions


Terms & Conditions for driving instruction include terms of business



It is Agreed that:-


1. The instructor shall make his services available to the pupil for the sole purpose of giving the pupil driving  (including theory) tuition at the rate per lesson as from time to time shall be agreed.


2. The lesson fee shall be paid in advance of each lesson.Pupil is responsible to ensure correct legal licence is up to date in accordance with DVSA regulations.


3. The instructor shall have the right to substitute another instructor for the purposes of giving all or any of the lessons if the instructor is not available for any reason whatsoever.


4. In the event that the instructor is unable to substitute another instructor for a specific appointment, or the event of a mechanical breakdown or other cause, the instructor reserves the right to rearrange the lesson to a time convenient to both parties.


5. The instructor will carry out the correct and legal motor insurance covering the pupil and  whilst driving the tuition vechicle when accompanied by the instructor or by a Driving Vechicle Standards Agency Examiner. An additonal  service charge of the £30 is charged and payable to the  instructor.


Use of  instructors vechicle for the practical for test so total cost is  hourly rate and additional charge of £30 this cost is used for service charge of vechicle not for profit and is used to pay for the legal insurance.


Manual total charge is £56 test use of instructors car.


Automatic total charge is £58 test use of instructors car.





6. The pupil agrees that he/she is duly licensed to drive the tuition vechicle and liable for any damage to tuition vechicle.


Accidentally damage will be assessed and decision is based on assessment of damage  by instructor fair wear and tear is expected


Any images taken after passing only used for marketing on website if you do not wish for image to be used please advise asap and will be removed to protect your privacy.


7. If the pupil fails to give the instructor a minimum of 48hrs notice cancelling any lesson, the pupil shall be liable for the lesson fee in respect of that lesson.


8.  If upon arrival for an appointment the instructor deems that the pupil is unfit to undertake that lesson, the pupil shall be liable for the lesson fee in respect of that lesson.


9. It is hereby expressly agreed that these terms and conditions are made soley between the instructor and the pupil and that no contractual relationship exists between the school and pupil.  Subsequently, the pupil acknowledges that the

school has no liablity to the pupil in respect of any loss, injury or damage arising from the use of the tuition vechicle or from acts or omissions of the instructor substituted under (3) above.


10. Payment with respect to the current or next lesson may be made to the instructor; all other payments should be made to the instructor's Agent, (The School). Where payments are made directly to the instructor, the school does not accept any resposibility whatsoever for any failure on the part of the instructor to carry out his/her obligations.


11. All offers are subject to approval based on type of course selected and terms and conditions apply copy of full terms can be supplied on request by email only.

Special Offers are apply for regular lessons and new customers only in Gravesend. All offers are subject to change please check before booking.

All professional advice must be adhere if not it automatically invalidates any guarantees.


Hourly  prices are depending on whether manual or automatic price will depend on location and service selected. All Offers are subject to availablity and may change without further notice so check before booking.



Block discounts  are available check with instructor prices are depending on the level of service and suitablity for intensive course.

Opening hours from 10am - 9pm Monday - Friday

Weekends are  subject to availablity.



Intensive courses require an assessment lesson.





12. Any professional advise must be adhere as you risk understanding all elements to achieve your success and skills to stay safe and risk putting yourself and other road users in danger.


Only upon instructors agreement test will be booked and car loaned.


The instructor vechicle is deemed to be in a working environment.The trainer is to have deemed to have the responsiablity of overall duty to the care of students and all other road users, whilst practice in the business environment.It is therefore necessary for the trainer to refuse the use of the training vechicle for this purpose is deemed to showing insufficient incompetencies with being ready to take the driving test.


Therefore it is necessary for any student  to check with the trainer that they are at the compentent level before booking their test with Driving Vechicle Standards Agency.


Any advice regarding DVSA tests must be investigated directly with DVSA website to ensure you understand the current regulations.


Test dates are released and controlled by DVSA the school cannot be held responsible for cancellations loss of money due to circumstances beyond control ie snow fog ice, mechancial breakdowns.


I have read and understand the above terms and conditions and agreed to abide by them the moment i sit in for my lesson.In order to help with the environment you are authorised to print off if necessary for your own records.