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Theory Test



Theory test charge recently changed so check with DVSA 




Theory test includes 5 study base questions effective from 28.09.09 need to ensure you study diagrams in Highway Code and pay attention to signs,signals and road markings to decide on correct answer and your knowledge of the rules.



The theory test is split up into two parts and you need to pass both parts in order to be successful. 

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on the process of booking your test and resources recommended from the DVSA who will be assessing your theory knowledge and hazard peception skills.



Can link to theory section and view online theory mock test use




Theory test is based on the Highway Code and Essential Skills, Know Your Signs, book publications and you are given a selection of mutiple choice questions which you need to achieve a pass before you can sit the hazard perception test.


DVSA website offers a mock test online you will also find other sites who will offer FREE mock test so its worth checking online.



Hazard perception


Hazard Perception test is the second part of theory and you are presented with a set of 14 clips on a touch screen monitor, lasting approximately 1 minute long and you need to find and acknowledge any hazards or potential or developing hazards and then click when you think you have spotted them.  Each clip provides a maximum of 5 points but 1 clip will contain a double hazard which has a maximum of 10 points.  


Important note is to continue concentrating until each clip finishes as any of the hazards could be the one in the score zone.  Best resource is to purchase the latest hazard perception dvd pack for the current year and practice using dvd. 


Important note


At time of updating this  theory test page terms and conditions change so be sure to visit DVSA website to understand the current theory test requirements. 


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